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Friends and Heroes School Curriculum is a supplemental Bible curriculum which utilizes Friends and Heroes award-winning videos along with full lessons and student activities to reach today's generation of media-savvy children with exciting Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments. 

Children not only see and hear the stories but learn how to apply the meaning of the stories in their own lives.



Friends and Heroes is great for:

  • Before and After School Programs
  • Chapel
  • Classroom center time
  • Bible curriculum enrichment

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Lesson Plans, Student Worksheets and Activities

Friends and Heroes is high quality, visual and exciting with great lesson plans and student worksheets, created in association with the RE experts at the Stapleford Centre, the UK's leading provider of Christian education material for schools, and thoroughly adapted for North American schools.  This supplemental curriculum deepens children's learning and leads them to apply the Biblical truths raised in the programs. 

Friends and Heroes School Curriculum is provided via download to all schools with the purchase of a Friends and Heroes Series Pack.  Click here for purchase information.

You can learn all about Friends and Heroes School Curriculum below.

General Resources for Teachers

Bible Stories List
School Curriculum Correlation
A full list of curriculum links, themes and learning objectives correlated to episodes and Bible stories for all three Series. 

     Download School Curriculum Correlation

Children's Activity Website

Teachers often find much of the material on our award-winning children's website to be extremely useful in the classroom. This site is filled with exciting puzzles, quizzes and games plus information on people and places from the Bible and Friends and Heroes characters and storylines as well.

     Go to Children's Activity Website

Website Cards For Children
We have created a special page for teachers to print which provides 'business-card' sized invitations for children to visit our children's website. There is so much more for children to do after a lesson when they go to our website - including reading or listening to many of the Bible stories in Friends and Heroes!

     Website Cards For Children

Download a FREE Two Week Sample

You can try two weeks of Friends and Heroes School  Bible Curriculum for both grades K-2 and 3-6 absolutely FREE.

Yes, it's really free and there's no credit card information to enter. Just visit our school curriculum sample request page and enter a few basic details then you'll receive an email with links and instructions to download two free lessons for both age groups today!

Access to School Curriculum

If you have obtained a Public Display License from Friends and Heroes, you will have been given a private Username and Password in order to access the curriculum materials - and your license permits you to reproduce these materials for use in your classes- for as long as you continue to hold the Public Display License.

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Purchase Information

Friends and Heroes School Curriculum is provided FREE via download with the purchase of a Friends and Heroes Series Pack.

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Friends and Heroes also has outstanding Bible Curriculum for children's ministry, click here to learn more!