Homeschool Unit Studies

Friends and Heroes Homeschool Unit Study Curriculum

Cross-curricular Homeschool curriculum inspired by Friends and Heroes' award-winning, animated adventures and Bible stories!

That’s what the Friends and Heroes Homeschool Unit Studies offer you and your family!

Each Unit Study includes a Friends and Heroes episode which inspires the teaching material, plus PDF files containing the self-guided student manual and a comprehensive teacher’s guide with internet links, background information and teaching support.

Available individually or as a series of 13 Units and featuring both Old and New Testament stories, this material is absolutely unique and very engaging for both students and their families! Thrill to the adventures of Macky and the Friends of Jesus as they resist the Romans and learn from the exciting Bible stories they share.

13 Unit Studies available

Each features two themed Bible stories (usually one Old and one New Testament). They are renewable and reusable—use with multiple students in your family simultaneously or over multiple school years...and there's nothing more to buy!

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Subjects covered

Each Unit Study is easy-to-use, attractively designed, colorful and fun.  Each Unit Study covers:
  • History/Geography
  • Creative writing
  • Bible study
  • Science (creation-based)
  • Crafts
  • Discipleship

    With all subjects taught from a Christian worldview!

Each Unit Study Pack includes:

Self-guided Student Manual

Full Teacher's Guide
Series Teachers' Overview
A helpful introduction to and overview of the Unit Study material

       Click here to view the Series Teachers' Overview.

Friends and Heroes DVD
Contains a full-length adventure episode with at least two Bible stories to serve as stimulus material for cross-curricular studies.

Learning Objectives Summary

You can view a summary of the learning objectives, themes and curriculum links for all 13 Unit Studies for our Series 1 Homeschool Curriculum.

Download Learning Objectives

Download Free Curriculum Samples

Click the appropriate links below to download Chapter 1 of the Unit 1 Student Manual and Teacher's Guide as well as the entire Series Teachers' Overview. You can also view the corresponding video excerpt.

We recommend that you first download and print the curriculum samples and then watch the video segment. This will help you to see more easily how the curriculum and videos work together.

Unit Study 1 Student Manual, Chapter 1

Unit Study 1 Teacher's Guide, Chapter 1

Series Teachers' Overview

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Download Free Scripture Memory Cards

Scripture memory cards are available which correlate with each of our 13 Unit Studies for our Series 1 Homeschool Curriculum.

Download Scripture Memory Cards

What Homeschool Parents and Experts Say about Friends and Heroes Homeschool Curriculum

"I give this curriculum an A+ for homeschoolers!Gena Suarez, Publisher, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine®

"...even my 'older' two kids (ages 15 and 13) enjoyed watching the DVD with my 7-year-old although they might not want to admit it! They thought it was really neat how the stories that the children told were actually the true stories of what actually happened in history and the Bible while the characters in the DVD and their adventures are fictional. I personally liked it because that made it easier for my 7-year-old to understand which parts actually happened and which parts were made up." WH, Homeschool Parent
"The art and animation in this series is exceptional and the story is captivating. Both my 12 year old and 5 year old granddaughters loved it. They are already asking for more. My girls were thrilled with having the opportunity to use this curriculum and are eager for more. I enjoyed the clear instructions given in the Teacher's Guide and appreciated the amount of thought and study that went into preparing this resource. There is much to enjoy here." Christine Hindle, Reviewer, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine — click here to read review 

"I love the way the curriculum integrates a variety of subjects in a seamless manner. My children love the DVD episodes and are really drawn into learning.LS, Homeschool Parent
"Professionally crafted by award winning artisans, Friends and Heroes combines the best in video entertainment with godly values, and a wholesome standard that can only be gleaned from the pages of Scripture. Certainly, without exaggeration, no homeschool video library would be complete without Friends and Heroes."  Paul A. Suarez, Publisher, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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