Copyright and Public Display

Thank you for your interest in Friends and Heroes DVDs and Public Display Licences.

We do hope that you enjoy watching our DVDs and Resources with your children.

These resources have taken much time, effort and investment to produce so we would ask that you do not pass this material onto others. Please help us by encouraging your friends and colleagues to buy Friends and Heroes DVDs and Public Display Licences, where needed, for themselves!

Copyright notice

Friends and Heroes DVDs and Resources are copyright by Friends & Heroes Productions Ltd, Mountain View Innovation Centre, Jurby Road, Lezayre, Ramsey, ISLE OF MAN, IM7 2DZ. This copyright material may not be offered for sale, copied or distributed on paper or electronically, or in any other way.

Please see the copyright notice on the resources which you have purchased for details of what is allowed within the copyright for that resource.

Each of our DVDs display the following warning: 

‘The use of the programme recorded on this DVD is restricted to private, home exhibition only.  No fee or emolument of any type may be charged for viewing and the programme may not be exhibited in whole or in part for any fund-raising or commercial use. No copy may be made for any purpose whatsoever.  Licences for public performances of this programme, for example, showings in schools, churches, hospitals, prisons, oil rigs etc. are available from:

Our School and Bible Lesson Plans may be reproduced in reasonable quantities and used without charge when they are used by the purchasing organisation in association with genuine, purchased Friends and Heroes DVDs and for audiences covered by a Friends and Heroes Public Display Licence (see below).

Our Resource Pack materials can be reproduced without charge when used in conjunction with Friends and Heroes DVDs covered by a valid Public Display Licence (see below).

Our Homeschool Unit Studies/Home Education Project Packs may be printed as required by the family which purchased them but may not be printed for use by others outside that family. Family use in the home does not require a Public Display Licence.

The Friends and Heroes Puzzle and Colouring Books are subject to copyright and pages cannot be reproduced.

Other resources will have other rights and restrictions - the copyright notice on the resource/s you have purchased contain full details.

If you need further clarification for your situation please email us.

Public Display Licences

Friends and Heroes is the result of a huge amount of effort by a large number of people, that's why it looks so good! Many of these people depend on the income from projects like Friends and Heroes to provide their livelihood. It also allows us to continue providing and developing quality materials. Please respect international copyright laws which make it clear that any public performance of this material requires a licence which is separate to the purchase of a DVD copy of the programme itself.

If you plan to show any of the Friends and Heroes series (and we hope you will) to groups of viewers in any kind of public showing (whether or not there is a charge for admission) please obtain a licence prior to arranging the showing. 

What licence is required? - single event £10/annual £99/lifetime with lessons to accompany each series pack £60

What name will be issued on the licence? - (e.g. church, school or person)

In order to show our DVDs in public (whether or not an admission fee is charged) you must obtain a licence from us. These are available at a very reasonable price or may be included in the purchase of one of our resources. For clarity, our DVD products are not covered by licences available from CCLI or any other source.

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Although a licence is necessary for ALL public showings, Friends and Heroes waives this requirement and charges no licence fee for a single family occasion taking place within the family home, and only showing to a group of children (for example at a birthday party or other family celebration), where no fee is charged.

For most organisations (such as schools or churches) in the UK and North America, the most cost-effective way of obtaining a Public Display Licence is as part of a DVD Series Pack - which includes a lifetime licence with purchase of the DVDs. An Organisation Pack from our UK store or, for those in Canada or the USA, a Church and School Pack from our North America store.

For more information please do not hesitate to email your query.

Thank you