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Bring the Bible to life for the children in your ministry.

The Bible Comes to Life

Bible curriculum that kids AND teachers love!

  • Dynamic multimedia content – Exciting videos and activities engage, entertain and teach today's media-savvy children.
  • Easy, quick lesson preparation – Perfect for the busy volunteer teachers in your ministry!
  • Flexible for a wide age range of children (designed for ages 5-12) – Great for Sunday School in small and mid-sized churches, or settings like mid-week services or children's church where a range of ages are grouped together!
  • Outreach-friendly – Excellent even for kids with little or no church background.

Friends and Heroes Multimedia Bible Curriculum

"Kids AND teachers love the curriculum." KZ, children's minister

"Jam-packed with ideas." PM, children's minister

"Wonderful tools for Bible teaching." MA, children's minister

Many churches and ministries find Friends and Heroes Children's Bible Curriculum to be ideal for:

  • Children's Sunday school lessons / Sabbath school curriculum
  • Mid-week kids Bible lessons and outreach activities 
  • Children's church lessons
  • Special children's ministry events, family activities, and much more!

Friends and Heroes Bible Lessons are provided via download or on CD-ROM with the purchase of a Friends and Heroes Church and School Pack.

Already have access to the video material through streaming or previously purchased DVDs? 

License and Lesson Upgrade Packs are now available!

You can try Friends and Heroes curriculum FREE for two weeks! 

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Curriculum Summary

Quick Facts:
  • Bible stories: The curriculum provides a balance between Old Testament and New Testament stories. For details, you can download a list of the Bible stories and learning objectives.
  • Length of video segment used in each lesson: 12-14 minutes on average (each lesson uses approximately one-half a Friends and Heroes episode).
  • Length of entire lesson: Easily adaptable to a 45-60 minutes class time.
  • Designed for ages 5 to 12 years.
  • Lessons per pack:
         Series 1 Church and School Pack - 26 lessonsFriends and Heroes Multimedia Bible Curriculum
         Series 2 Church and School Pack - 25 lessons
         Series 3 Church and School Pack - 26 lessons
Each Lesson Includes:
  • Introductory page - (Teachers' resource) Lists the objective(s) for the lesson, a summary of the Friends and Heroes adventure and Bible story, preparation tips and resources needed for any crafts and/or activities included in the lesson.
  • Starting off - Children watch the video segment (12-14 minutes) and are introduced to the theme of the lesson. This usually includes a fun craft, game or activity which reinforces the lesson's theme.
  • In deeper - Kids learn more about the meaning and application of the theme of the lesson. Often includes discussion questions and sometimes another activity to keep the children engaged with the theme or the story.
  • Prayer Time - An active segment built around a craft or activity which is designed to lead the children into thinking about prayer in relation to the theme of the lesson. In some lessons they are asked to write their own prayers and in others a group prayer is suggested.
  • Printable Resources(Teachers' resource) Included for nearly all lessons as needed. They are very helpful and well-designed resources – especially for those who may have limited arts and crafts skills!
  • Extra, extra! - Fun activities that children can take home with them to reinforce what they have learned. This often takes the form of a puzzle or quiz.
Other Available Resources:
  • DVD Extras - Still images gallery, music videos, quizzes for each episode
  • Friends and Heroes Children's website provides many additional resources like quiz questions for each episode, fun puzzles and coloring sheets.

Leader's Resources

Bible Stories List
You can view and print the lists of Bible stories in all three series of Friends and Heroes here. Bible Lesson Objectives
For details you can view, download, or print the full list of Bible stories and learning objectives in all three Series of Bible Lessons. 

Children's Activity Website
Teachers often find much of the material on our award-winning children's website to be extremely useful in the classroom. This site is filled with exciting puzzles, quizzes and games, plus information on people and places from the Bible and Friends and Heroes characters and storylines as well.

What Churches Are Saying about Friends and Heroes

Watch the video below to see what three UK churches have to say about their experience with Friends and Heroes children's Bible curriculum.

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Access to Bible Lessons

If you have obtained a Public Display License from Friends and Heroes, you will have been given or created a private Username and Password in order to access the Bible Lesson materials - and your license permits you to reproduce these materials for use in your group - for as long as you continue to hold the Public Display License. (Please note: The links below are for use AFTER you have followed the instructions in your curriculum email/CD-ROM and created your Username and Password.)

Purchase Options

Church and School Packs - include video episodes on DVD, public display license and curriculum.

License and Lesson Upgrade Packs - include public display license and curriculum. (Designed for those who already have the appropriate video episodes on DVD, or via download or video on demand.)

Friends and Heroes also offers excellent School Bible Curriculum!