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Friends and Heroes has been broadcast in North America since 2007. In Britain, the BBC's CBBC Channel broadcast Friends and Heroes Series 1 in spring 2007, and it was broadcast on BBC2 in autumn 2007. All 39 episodes are available from our online store and have been purchased as Series Packs by many schools and churches.

Click below to view a video describing how St Andrews Church in Carluke use Friends and Heroes (from Rev Helen Jamieson)

Here are some other comments from our viewers:


"I am so utterly amazed! I was so hestitant to buy these DVDs on Amazon...but after my 6 yr old son fell in love with it, I am so hooked! I will be buying the next video set for Christmas for my children. My son constantly begs me to watch one of the DVDs before going to school each day because he loves the theme song and he really is able to digest the Bible story. It is helping him to understand the Bible in a new light, the memory scriptures help him to apply what he has seen from the DVDs, and the quizzes on the website will teach him even when I am cooking dinner. So grateful for this. Can't wait to tell the other parents and my church!"  Monica Sanguinetti, USA

"The kids are loving the DVDs and I love how the characters draw from their knowledge of Scripture for wisdom."  A. Evans - Director of Children's Ministries, Grace Covenant Church, New York

"Excellent beyond words, every week the children plead to be able to carry on watching."  C. Barton, Shetland Isles

"I found your videos while searching the internet for quality Biblically-based DVDs. We were trying to revive our Sunday morning programming for children, and in this day and age of DSIs and iPads, the traditional approach just did not seem to be the right approach. This series has been fantastic. The children cannot wait to see what will happen next and are truly engaged with the music and the curriculum. Plus, with your lesson plans, I have not had problem finding substitutes on those Sundays I cannot teach. My class likes the music also and enjoys the videos put to the music. It is very difficult to find quality DVDs relating Biblical stories and values. You have succeeded."  R.Akers

"Love it! We just started using it on our kids ministry and the kids are very much into it. Great quality picture, keeps the kids attention. A great tool to children's ministries. We love the website as well!!! God Bless!"  S. Reyes

"Our Saturday Kidz Club is an outreach to non-Christian local children. They love the Friends and Heroes episodes and that's why we'll be moving on with series 2. God bless the Team at F&H!"  JF, UK

"It is really difficult to find books and video materials that engage boys but this has been outstanding.  Thank you and God Bless!"  JW - Head of Dept, Prep School

"My three sons aged 7 to 9 were riveted. They loved the 3D animations of their favourite Bible stories, which they know from hearing the Bible read aloud to them. The historical context of ancient Alexandra seemed really insightful and well researched, with a complex storyline going into motivation. This is great for kids who are used to Clone Wars kinds of dilemmas and Ben 10 action. Thanks for using the gifts God has given you to bless children."  LT - Singapore

"To round off our Good Friday family time when we made Easter gardens, covered our big wooden cross with tissue paper flowers and made our own hot cross buns (cranberry and chocolate were favourites!) we sat and watched a short video clip with a song from 'Friends and Heroes' website called 'Remember me'. The children and adults sat spellbound, it was so moving. There are other free clips and a series of DVDs to buy. "  St Matthews, Griftins, UK

"This is seriously one of my favorite shows and I’m neither a child any longer nor a Christian. Good family values, great storyline, fun for young and old, and an all round rockin show! Here’s hoping this show continues." MKQ

"Our Kids have been watching Friends and Heroes every week on your Channel, we are amazed and astonished of the quality and how the story was told." Viewer of Friends and Heroes in Arabic on Miracle TV in Algeria

"The school children love it as do the teachers!" John Winter, Barnardiston Hall Prep School

"We find Friends and Heroes so useful in our work. We have offered series 1 and 2 to several schools in Berwickshire, and have shown the series to several classes.
The children all thoroughly enjoy the programmes, and teachers appreciate RME being presented in relevant and lively ways.
We have also used excerpts in assemblies, and these make quite an impact, especially in Primary schools where the use of media in that context is perhaps less common – but beyond the “novelty” value, I was struck just on Friday by the absolutely rapt attention given by the whole school to the conversion of Saul from Episode 6."
SO - Children’s Worker

"Really love the F&H stuff and the Easter 'remember me' video certainly hit the mark. I was teaching up front to 80 children about the feast of the Passover and Jesus' Last Supper and the video was just perfect. Using the Go Teach materials I gave the children pita bread & grape juice to give them a feel of the last supper & they loved it. "

"We are excited about commencing the friends and heroes home-education package that we were delighted and surprised to find, it ticks so many boxes, one of which is our eldest son's excitement and joy studying such biblical subjects in a fresh and fun way. Again, many thanks."
RB - Home Educating Mum

"We just got the Volume 1 for Home schooling in the mail yesterday and could NOT wait to tear it open! Both of my kids LOVED the first movie (so did I.) This is going to be a great year in school! Thank you so much for being obedient to God!!!!"
RP - Homeschooling Parent

"The Friends and Heroes programme is going really well - we are seeing the biggest difference in the children who come along with very little church experience - they are accessing teaching so much more fully now because they sit wide eyed and open mouthed and absorb the story first in a medium that is so very accessible to them. It is really helping us to meet a newer group of children where they are at... so thank you to all the team." SN

"I am genuinely impressed with the quality of the animation and integrity of the Bible stories depicted. I have been responsible for Children and Youth Ministry in several churches over the 30+ years of my ministerial career. Your DVDs are well received by our children and their families and I have used them confident in their Biblical content. We are looking forward to our third instalment of the videos available!"
Children's Ministry Leader - USA

"My grandson (who has a learning difficulty) sat and watched these BRILLIANT DVDs and the smile on his face was HUGE! To say we love them is an understatement - the six we already have are almost worn out with DAILY viewing!" EB - Brisbane, Australia

"We love it!!! My daughter is 4 and we have had some amazing conversations thanks to you guys!" MR

 "I love the curriculum. It's easy for the leaders to follow and present and entertaining for the kids." Sunday School Teacher

"The series is great! I would like to continue this series for our midweek meeting. The kids look forward to coming each week and they ask well thought out questions afterward. There have been great discussions happening." DH

"My children, 2 boys ages 3 and 5 absolutely ADORE this series. They watch these stories over and over again. I love how it has reinforced what we're teaching them at home. They are now asking that we read them certain stories in the bible, and of course we gladly oblige. I think this series is SO focused toward what kids like (graphics and animation) and the producers are RIGHT on. My boys and I give you guys 6 thumbs up! We love Friends and Heroes!" JP

"I find Friends and Heroes to be very worth while. What a Blessing. We purchased a movie at our Christian book store and loved it. I work with the children’s church and the kids loved the movie too." SD

"I love these DVD's. The quality is awesome! The kiddo's in my Kids Church class love them too. I love the web site and I very much appreciate the free lessons! I have already used 2 of them! I have purchased 2 DVDs and I am going back tonight after work to purchase another one! thanks!" BC

"I am a school teacher and a mum. My own children have loved them and watch them over and over. Their knowledge of bible stories is amazing - my six year old surprises me with his recall and it is because of the context of the dvds." MM

"Oh dear! Is that truly the end of the DVD's? Are there no plans to make others? Thank you very much for all you have done to make these Bible stories so accessible for children. (Please do some more!)" TW

"Hi just wanted to say that my grandchildren love 'friends and heroes' and it is so good to know they are getting the truths of the bible at the same time thank you very much." SN

"We love these shows! Please keep making them! We would love to collect them all. They are modern and great fun for our kids! They have wonderful biblical truths integreted with historical facts! Many blessings and new creative ideas to you!" LB

"We love Friends and Heroes! Thank you for creating these amazing shows that intrigue our kids and teach them about the Bible. They look forward to them every weekend." RJ

"Friends and Heroes is a Christian movie and it’s the best movie EVER. Thank you for creating Friends and Heroes for me and my brother to watch and learn about Jesus!!! JESUS IS NUMBER ONE!!" H and E

"Love these and hope they are always on. My two boys learn so much about Bible stories in a great way that they understand. The cartoons are very clear and life-like, there's nothing scary and they understand what they just watched." SE

"I think it is a great product because it is not just a Bible story, it is a Bible story applied to daily life and the children learn how to apply it to their own lives. Keep up the great work." PC

"I just LOVE this series!!!!!! My 6 year old son in enraptured by the stories. He loves the adventures and doesn't realise he is getting Bible class. I love that he gets some Bible stories interspersed that seem part of the adventure. He does not realise he is getting some Sunday school re-enforcement - "Mommy, I know this story...." Keep it up!!" W

"I recently led my first assembly in the local primary school and I used a Bible story from Friends and Heroes. I was thrilled, the story went down a storm - around 130 children were enthralled. I'm looking forward to using more of your stories. Well done on an excellent production." Revd GB

"Wonderful...Better than Disney." LT

"Friends and Heroes rocks! Nothing can beat it. I think Macky and Portia will fall in love. Not only is it cool and fun, it's Christian! Thanks not many Christian movies are fun, but this is!" G

"Yindyssagh erskyn towse" (It's fantastic above all measure) AC

" class has been enthralled with the episodes" TJ

"We absolutely love it!" C

"My 7-year-old daughter begs and pleads with me every week to watch the series over and over..." PB

"Probably the best animation I've seen...modern...rivals any other type of kids shows that are out today..." L

"It's great!!!! I love the animation and the singing at the end..." NS

"It is a coooooooooool show I love it so much." S

"It's a wonderful, awesome show!" T

"Really like that the "bad people" don't kill the friends and heroes in the show; I like those two little girls the most because they are funny." B (6)

"I loved it and so did the kids. GREAT GREAT GREAT!" LH

"It is the best show on this channel." TT

"A brilliant series that has quickly become my 4 year old's favourite." DP

"Charlie couldn't wait to see it so we may have to miss football practice this evening!" JT

“...showed them to my girls (age 6 and 3) and they loved them. Made them late for bed cos they wanted to watch both!" WBW

"Wow. And I'm a godless heathen. I could actually watch this." GT

"Looks so good I might think about getting FreeView!" D

"My son loves the show." JA

"I can truly say that this is the best yet … for all age groups. Fabulous artwork and animation and enough great humour sprinkled in to make this a landmark show." GL

"Our whole family enjoyed watching Friends and Heroes this morning." MVS

"A few minutes ago, I caught the last few minutes of an episode of Friends and Heroes. My Mom and I LOVED it." LB

"Great show!" DY

"Topnotch work!" WH

"I really like the show and try to watch it every Saturday" KB

"Fabulous! Terrific for all ages. Couldn't have been done better ~ thanks!" GL

"I think the show is great keep up the good work." IM