Good TV begin to broadcast Friends and Heroes Series 2 in Taiwan
Tuesday, September 1, 2009 - 14:54

You may not be able to read the magazine article above but it announces that Friends and Heroes is now being broadcast on Good TV in Taiwan. As you can read in an earlier news story, Good TV began broadcasting Series 1 in May 2008 and the show has been so well received by the audience there that they have now begun to broadcast Series 2 and are considering Series 3 too! You can view the Series 1 trailer in Mandarin here.

Monday, July 13, 2009 - 14:32

We are delighted to have received yet another award, this time at the International Christian Retail Show in Denver on July 13, 2009. These awards, sponsored by Christian Retailing magazine "were judged on the impact they have had on (retailers') staff and customers, including their ability to speak to hearts and evoke emotion, open minds to new ways of thinking and encourage and affirm Christ-like living."

"We are thrilled to receive this award", said David Dorricott, Executive Producer of Friends and Heroes, "especially since we were nominated by the staff from the stores which retail our DVDs in the USA. They will know first-hand the way that our adventures are loved by the children who watch them!" The award was made for Friends and Heroes Episode 5: True Heroes - you can read more about this episode here. Interestingly the sister-episode to True Heroes, Episode 4 - False Heroes, was nominated for the prestigious Epiphany Award last year.

Friday, July 3, 2009 - 13:54

Nearly seven years after the beginning of production, Friends and Heroes has released Episode 39 (on DVD19) the final episode of the final series. Fans in the UK and Ireland can now purchase and view all three series in their entirety. It would be quite a marathon if they did - taking nearly 19 hours without any extras.

This special extra-value, bonus DVD contains the THREE final episodes of Macky and his friends' adventures in Rome, completing Series 3 and the entire story!

In Episode 37, Betrayal, news arrives that Felix is in trouble and later Antonius is arrested. Through the stories of Jesus washing the Disciples’ feet, Jesus and the Lepers and the Last Supper and Jesus’s Arrest, we learn the importance of humility. In Trials and Tribulations, Episode 38, Portia seeks the Emperor’s help to get Antonius released, but the outcome is not certain and Antonius may still be condemned. Our friends recall how Jesus appeared before Pilate, the events that took place as Jesus carried his cross and at The Crucifixion. The final episode, entitled The Road Ahead, sees Macky finally deciding that he must leave Rome. So Portia must also decide what she wants her future to be! We hear the stories of Jesus being seen on the road to Emmaus, and of the Rich Young Man and the Ten Commandments, reminding us to make good choices in life.

All 19 Friends and Heroes DVDs and the three Series Packs can be ordered on our website: just click here.