Lucius is a Roman officer Macky meets by accident. Lucius’s motivations are mysterious – until Macky discovers that Lucius is secretly a Friend of Jesus.

The widowed father of two young children – Antonius and Flore – Lucius was once assigned to guard the Apostle Paul, and it was because of that relationship that Lucius eventually became a Friend of Jesus. Now, Lucius secretly tells the stories he heard from Paul to his children and, on occasions, Macky. He also uses his position in the army to secretly help Macky and the rebels when he can. Although Lucius is an officer in the same army as both Brutacus and Toadie, he has little else in common with these two slow-witted, greedy, self-serving oafs! The path Lucius has chosen instead is incredibly dangerous, but as Macky already knows, he’s not the only one taking risks.