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Daniel ayns ooig ny lionyn - Manx Episode 1 extract including Daniel in the Lions' Den

Friends and Heroes, is now available the Manx Language - The first-ever animated series to be available in this language.

This news is ‘Yindyssagh erskyn towse’- (Fantastic above all measure) and is a real breakthrough for Manx Gaelic (Gaelg), said Adrian Cain, Manx Language Officer for the Manx Heritage Foundation (now known as Culture Vannin). “Each DVD set includes a full Manx Soundtrack as well as English and Manx Sub-Titles, making a fantastic teaching and learning resource and helping to give Manx Gaelic a much higher profile both on the island and internationally.”

Manx editionDooyrt Adrian Cain, yn Greinneyder da Undinys Eiraght Vannin, dy bee sheean ny cartoonyn  jeant ooilley ayns Gaelg agh bee caa ec sleih dy lhaih ny fo-ocklyn ayns Gaelg chammah’s Baarle. Shoh shalee yindyssagh as bee stoo-ynsee Gaelgagh feer scanshoil çheet magh ass y chooish shoh. Ta mee shickyr dy bee ny cartoonyn shoh cooney ayns cur y Ghaelg roish yn theay ayns yn Ellan chammah’s ayns cheeraghyn elley. Dooyrt Adrian dy nee obbyr scanshoil shoh as dy vel eh soilshaghey magh da sleih dy vel yn Ghaelg foast bio as dy vel ee bishaghey.

For an Introduction to Series 1 ( Goan-toshee – Straih 1) and each episode in Manx Gaelic please click here.

DVD General Information

Please note that these disks contain episodes with a Manx soundtrack only - there is no English soundtrack on these disks. The DVDs have both Manx and English subtitles.

Extras include: 

  • 'Looking for a Hero' sung in Manx by Christy DeHaven
  • 'From St Patrick to the Bunscoill' - the story of the Manx language version

You can order Friends and Heroes in Manx from the Friends and Heroes store: click here

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