Wonderful review for Friends and Heroes' Music CD!

What about Love? : Bible Songs inspired by Friends and Heroes Series 1 has certainly impacted Sarah Reinhard, a blogger on catholicmom.com. We're not sure about the advisability of "smashing wasps" to the music but it is both innovative and inspiring!

Sarah concluded her blog:
"As a mom who all-too-often struggles with the catechesis side of my job, I love that these songs make my six-year-old ask for specifics about Bible stories. As a mom who all-too-often opts to read the fun story instead of the Bible story, I love that these songs tell those stories in a memorable and non-annoying way. As a mom who all-too-often just lets the kids watch a movie in the van, I love that this CD gives me an opportunity to sing along with them without losing my sanity.
To the folks at Friends and Heroes, I say: THANK YOU. To you, I say: BUY THIS.

You can read more about this amazing CD and buy a copy here.