Marcus and Toadie are on Antonius's trail in DVD17 released today in the UK and Ireland!

Senator Marcus is determined to prove that Senator Antonius is the Masked Rebel and he recruits Toadie to be his spy in the latest exciting episodes of Friends and Heroes.

In Episode 33, Rome Alone, Antonius spends more time at home with his son Felix and discovers that he is being left out because he won’t speak. He encourages Felix to have faith by telling the story of Jesus healing Blind Bartimaeus. Absolom suggests Macky steps into Antonius’s shoes persuading him with the story of Samuel anointing Saul. Toadie is determined to find out what secrets Antonius’s home holds but when he finally enters the villa he is in for a big surprise!

Macky and the Masked Rebel rescue several slaves from certain death in the Circus Maximus and take them into hiding in Episode 34, Give and Take. Absolom encourages the slaves with the story of how Elijah was fed by a poor widow. Marcus blackmails Babatunji into helping him capture Antonius but the scheme goes wrong and Macky and Antonius must find a way to rescue him. Once released, a dazed Babatunji and an unconscious Toadie are taken to a rebel safe house. The Parable of the Lost Sheep helps Babatunji to understand how God cares for us all.

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