Flore & Antonius

Although only eight years old, Flore helps Lucius by being as grown-up as she can, and keeps house for her father.

Like many Roman military families, the children travel with Lucius wherever the army takes him and live safely within the camp, so 'house' for Flore is mostly a tent, and the cooking she does often relies on whatever supplies are available within the heart of a vast army far from home. 

Her brother, Antonius, is eleven, and he too likes to help his father, sometimes acting as his messenger in and around the Roman camp. The two children look forward to the return of their father each evening from his military duties, and love to hear the special stories he tells. Although young, both children understand that as they live amid the Roman army, they must take care not to mention those stories, unless to someone they know is a friend, such as Macky.