Bursary Fund for Schools and Churches

Series 1 Oganisation Pack

Church and School Series 1 Organisation Pack Bursary

At Friends and Heroes we are totally committed to resourcing churches and schools with our animated adventure DVDs and the related lesson materials and Public Display licences, both in the UK and overseas. Consequently for a trial period we have created a bursary fund to assist organisations who are unable to afford this excellent resource.

A series pack of DVDs normally costs £70 and the Licence and Lessons pack costs an additional £60, providing up to half a year’s worth of material (26 lessons), but on application we will consider making our Series 1 resource available at a reduced price to churches and schools for whom the combined price of £130, or £120 when purchased together, is too much.

The aims of the fund

Friends and Heroes has set up this Bursary Fund to ensure that no church or school is prevented from using our resources because they cannot afford the full cost. However, the Fund is limited, and therefore we set certain criteria in order to ensure that we are awarding grants to those who are most in need of a bursary:

  • In applying for a grant from the Bursary Fund, you are confirming that the award of a bursary will enable you to utilise resources that you otherwise would not be able to afford.
  • The Bursary Fund has been set up to support organisations where available income for such resources is particularly low. If this does not apply in your case, you should judge whether your application fits with the spirit and intention of the Fund.
  • It is a condition of the grant of bursary funding that the materials are well-used, so we require an undertaking to provide a quarterly report on their use in your organisation.
  • Our bursary fund will only ever contribute towards the cost of the resource, but never cover the full cost. There is a limited amount available each year and you will need to make an application for the scheme, by completing a signed, written application.

PLEASE NOTE: All applications will be considered on their individual merit, based on the information provided on the form submitted, and the final decision on whether or not to award a grant will be made by the Executive Producers.

To apply for a bursary download and complete the Application Form and return it to us by email (scanned or photographed), fax or post