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Ready for Easter? - Lent begins on 1 March! Just a few days left to get the offer price...

Why not bag yourself one of our great resources for your Children's Ministry in preparation for Easter?

Why does Easter matter?  a great all-age study resource for Lent and Easter from the Friends and Heroes team

Special price available until 22 January 2017 only £35 using code WE17B (RRP £40)

A five-session group study resource focusing on the real meaning of Easter, with Biblical content from Revd. Stephen Gaukroger.

The five sessions include an in-depth look at these Bible stories:
1 - Ep 35 - Jesus rides into Jerusalem
2 - Ep 36 - Jesus and the Widow's offering
3 - Ep 37 - The Last Supper and Jesus' arrest
4 - Ep 38 - Jesus carries his cross and the Crucifixion
5 - Ep 39 - Jesus seen on the road (to Emmaus)

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Why do we Celebrate Easter? A curriculum Pack from the What's in the Bible? team

Special price available until 22 January 2017 only £35 using code WE17B (RRP £40)

This 4-week Easter journey will walk you through the life,
teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus, focusing not only
on the events of Holy Week, but on the real reason we celebrate with such joy.

This pack includes:

  • 4 Weeks of curriculum for children aged 5-11
  • Flexible, easy-to-use 60 minute lessons
  • Each week includes a video, Bible story, memory verse and activities
  • Rich take-home activities for families to continue celebrating Easter during the Week
  • Leader guides as PDF and customisable WORD docs
  • What children will learn!

  • The story of Jesus - his arrival, his life, death & resurrection.
  • How the Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled by Jesus.
  • About the Kingdom of God on earth, discipleship and what it means to follow Jesus.
  • Why we celebrate Easter today and why something that happened 2000 years ago matters today.

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Don't forget to use the code at checkout - WE17B

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