About the Show

macky and portia
Friends and Heroes is an animated children's adventure based in ancient Egypt, Israel and Rome. The story follows two young friends, Macky and Portia, as they fight for justice against the Roman Empire.  Each episode consists of two Bible Stories in which children can learn about characters from the Old and New Testament.

There are three series, each series containing thirteen episodes. All three series of Friends and Heroes are available for purchase on DVD from our store.

By choosing the links you can learn about the characters in Friends and Heroes, have a quick overview of the episodes in each series and even read about what other people think about the show.

Friends and Heroes offers some of your your favourite Children's Bible Stories on DVD.

Click the images below to view the video excerpts.

Episode 1 - Sample video - Daniel in the Lions' Den

Episode 22 - Sample video - Jesus feeds the 5000

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